Freezing Rain Creates Difficult Conditions For Chautauqua County Crews

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FALCONER, NY (WNY News Now) – With freezing rain in the forecast, road crews in Chautauqua County are preparing ahead of the storm.

Freezing rain is quite possibly one of the most difficult weather conditions to maneuver, which is why it’s important to be prepared with proper tires on your vehicle.

For plow drivers in Chautauqua County, keeping up with frozen precipitation is among the most difficult aspects of their jobs.

Public Facilities Director Tim Card tells us preparations happens even before the storm begins.

For Thursday night’s forecasted weather, crews will be pre-treating roads during the early evening and overnight hours, with morning crews continuing treatment around 3:30 a.m.

“It’s definitely more difficult when you’re dealing with ice, if you are not ahead of it and don’t get things pre-treated, it’s like being on an ice rink,” explained Card. “If the snow does come first, that’s kind of a good thing, because it gives the ice something there to leave for the ice to go on to, and into the snow.”

Card also asks drivers to take their time and don’t rush when driving during, or in the hours after, freezing rain falls.

If you do end up getting into an accident, he says to be sure to dial 911 and wait for help to arrive. Be careful when on the roadway, as other drivers may not be able to stop to avoid your wreckage, which could cause another collision.


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