House Committee on Climate Crisis Unveils Final Report, Recommendations

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — When the new congress is in place next year, the House Select committee on the Climate Crisis will no longer be around. Before the Committee wraps up, they released a final report on what congress can work on to fight climate crisis.

The Committee said the climate crisis is unmistakably here.

“We’ve already experience raging wildfires, hazardous air quality, ocean acidification that is harming our fisheries, decreased snow pack which affects our vibrant outdoor recreation industry,” said Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D- OR).

They said climate disasters are putting America’s security and stability at risk and threatening our economy, our way of life and our communities.

“Climate disasters are inflicting billions across the country,” said Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL).

In a final report from the committee they list their accomplishments:

“We passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to make communities more resilient and electrify transportation,” said Rep. Castor. “We passed the CHIPS Act which will empower our industries lead the way to clean energy transition and we passed the Inflation Reduction Act which is the largest clean energy and climate investment in US history.”

Part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has a direct impact on our Great Lakes, which are near and dear to our local communities. That legislation will help pay for harbor operations and maintenance needs. In the upcoming defense spending bill, it includes language to expand research and development for a stronger, more diverse workforce in the Great Lakes areas.

The Committee said when Republicans take control of the House in January, this committee will dissolve. They said there’s room for bipartisan work on combating climate change. They see an opportunity for bipartisan climate change work in the upcoming Farm Bill.

“Farmers are leading the charge now,” said Rep. Castor. “They’re awake to the harsh impacts of water shortages, extreme heat on their crops and products.”

The group laid out a huge list of recommendations for the next congress, like moving more towards electrification of cars and buildings, more pollution-reduction policies and more.

“We must continue to fight for climate action that is bold, that is science based and that is rooted in justice that is beneficial to workers and families,” said Rep. Bonamici.


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