Health Minute: Healthy Ways To Entertain Kids Over Winter Break

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NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) – If your holiday joy is fading at the thought of entertaining your kids over winter break, you’re not alone. In today’s health minute, some ways to keep kids busy without the use of screens this holiday season.

“It’s important to kind of have a plan of what you’re going to do with your kids,” explains Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Gina Robinson.

Dr. Robinson says to let them sleep in some but try to keep them to a regular schedule so as not to throw them off when it’s time for school again.

She says keeping them entertained should not include loads of extra screen time, while a little more than usual is acceptable over the holidays. Dr. Robinson says it’s important to set a limit.

“If your kids know beforehand that there’s a time for screens and there’s a limit on screens, then it doesn’t tend to be such a big battle in the moment,” said Dr. Robinson.

Cooking or baking holiday cookies and treats, allows for some time together. You can also go to the library, to find some cookbooks or holiday books to read over the break.

“They can learn about how holidays are celebrated in different countries or different traditions so it’s a really good time to do that,” continued Dr. Robinson.

Dr. Robinson says watching movies together, going to a museum, or volunteering to help someone else during the holidays are all healthy ways to keep kids busy.

“Just getting your kids involved and thinking about the idea of giving back and giving and how good that feels as well as receiving,” said Dr. Robinson.


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