Consumer Watch: Pets As Holiday Gifts, The Do’s And Don’ts


NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) — Think twice before you buy a pet for your loved one this holiday season. The Better Business Bureau and animal rescue groups are issuing warnings about pet scams. 

And according to the BBB, financial losses from pet scams are expected to approach two million dollars this year. 

“Unscrupulous breeders have gotten pretty good at trying to dupe the public into thinking that they’re adopting an animal when they’re in actuality buying from a puppy mill,” explained Holly Sizemore, Chief Mission Officer of Best Friends Animal Society. 

Best Friends Animal Society has these five things to consider before purchasing a new furry addition to your family. 

One, avoid online fraud. Many listings could be fake and you could be paying for a pet that doesn’t exist. So, meet your new pet in person before exchanging any money. 

Two, know the years-long commitment both with time and the costs of owning a pet. 

“Basic costs such as food toys, enrichment, those are all important necessities for pets, pets can be affordable, but it is a cost that you need to anticipate and budget for,” said Sizemore. 

Three, get the animal’s health checked. Sizemore says dogs sold online often come from puppy mills and suffer from health issues due to poor living conditions and inbreeding. 

Four, make the sustainable choice. Consider saving a life by adopting from a local shelter or rescue group.  

And finally, consider giving the experience of picking out a pet, instead of picking it out yourself. 

“That is a great way to bring the joy of a new pet into the house during the holidays and allow the pet parent to choose the pet that best meets their lifestyle,” said Sizemore. 


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