Holiday Weekend Winter Storm Travel

By Marisa Thomas

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — With a record winter storm approaching everyone is urged not to travel for the holiday weekend, but if there’s no choice, Emergency Management Specialist, Dan Loewenheim has a few tips to stay safe.

“But if travel becomes necessary and people are traveling, we recommend having blankets in the vehicle, extra clothing to stay warm with, a flashlight, extra water also some snacks,“ Loewenheim said.

The storm is expected to start out on Thursday with strong winds that could knock down power lines, and heading into the weekend the temperatures drop can cause problems for the roads.

“These roadways are going to be subjected to these really cold temperatures as well, and there can be some flash freezes on the roadways and some really icy and slippery road conditions. So please allow extra time between vehicles and also extra time getting to your destination if you are traveling this weekend,” Loewenheim said.

First Warning Weather John Stehlin explains that the quick decline in temperature isn’t just a problem for roadways.

“It is going to be cold. We’re talking single digits and zero highs inland throughout the afternoon — coupled with winds chills that could be 20 to 30 below. And if you’re not driving and you’re out in the elements we’re talking about wind chills that cause frostbite in five to 10 minutes,” Stehlin said.

This winter has the ability to grow with issues as it progresses for those on the road and at home.

“If we got winds at 50-60 miles an hour gusting and just a couple inches of snow, that reduces visibility out on roadways, it creates snow drifts, which causes issues for people in their homes getting in and out, so there’s a lot of components to this storm. Were basically getting every weather possibility for winter into one storm,“ Stehlin said.


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