Jamestown Audiologist Giving Away Free Hearing Aids

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — A Jamestown area audiologist has made it their mission to help those suffering from hearing loss, and this New Year, they are giving away a pair of free hearing aids, free of cost.

Jamie Parasiliti, owner of The Hearing Place started the giveaway in December as a way to give back to give back to her customers.

“Being in the industry this long and being the person on the other side of the table just trying to sell hearing aids, I know that they’re very expensive, no matter where you go it’s an investment for people,” explained Owner of The Hearing Place Jamie Parasiliti. “The cost, the affordability should not stop the treatment that I’m able to provide to people, so it certainly doesn’t here.”

Parasiliti believes it’s her job to not just sell hearing aids, but more importantly, focus on care.

“I’m really trying to get people to focus on the care, the long term care. I’m going to be really open here, you know what I like to say? I tell every single person this, that what I’m looking for from you is not to just buy the hearing aid. I want you to commit with me, so that I can make sure long term, I’m doing my job,” said Parasiliti.

For Parasiliti, services go beyond a simple hearing test.

“The equipment that it costs me to verify that those hearing aids are doing what they ought to do is twice as expensive as the machine that gives you a hearing test. To be able to hear beeps in a booth doesn’t tell me anything,” explained Parasiliti.

To give back to her community, Parasiliti has launched the Gift of Hearing Giveaway.

“It is purely just being nominated from somebody. Either you nominate yourself or a loved one, and we’ll come in and we’ll do the full audio match and hearing evaluation and determine the needs for the hearing aid first for sure,” said Parasiliti.

If you or a loved one are struggling with hearing loss, and are interested in the Gift Of Hearing Giveaway, The Hearing Place invites you to stop in and fill out a nomination form. For more information on the giveaway, you can contact the Hearing Place at (716) 708-4343.


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