Changes in Politics Since Jan. 6 Attack on Capital

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Erie News Now) — Since the attack on the capital two years ago, Dr. Terry Warburton has seen republicans and democrats become more separated, even under their own parties.

“The historical divide, two parties, have been able to accommodate a lot of differences under two major tents. I think these tents are becoming a lot smaller. . . and I think what were seeing is being more willing to state and act upon those differences even within that large tent.” terry

Professor of history at Gannon University, Jeff Blood worth, said we’ve learned just how planned the incident was from the Jan. 6 trials. He says what happened on Jan. 6 is a lesson toward building a better tomorrow.

“Jan. 6, that was almost a major constitutional crisis, we dodged a bullet. Our job, is to take the lessons of that so that we can hand the special, unique, flawed country– very flawed in many ways, and hand it off to children, grandchildren and then it’s their turn,” said Bloodworth.

With reference to the recent development of democrat Josh Shapiro nominating republican Al Schmidt as PA’s election overseer, Bloodworth sees this a great example of how to improve civil trust within the nation.

“This is how we repair the system. We have a grown-up democrat, having a grown up democrat say you’re in charge of overseeing the elections bipartisan faith that these elections are going to be free and fair,” Bloodworth said.


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