Embracing Hardship: Buffalo NY Resident Reacts to a Year of Adversity

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BUFFALO, NY (Erie News Now) — Buffalo residents have endured several hardships in the past year. Damar Hamlin’s injury is just one of many life-or-death situations residents have witnessed.

Andrew Rutski, a retired corrections officer in the state of New York, has lived in Buffalo his entire life. When reflecting on the past year, Rutski is shocked at the several hardships brought onto his community.

However, through all adversity, he’s grateful to have his friends there by his side.

“You can’t put a price tag on friendship. it’s the best,” said Rutski.

Even through the hardships, residents like Rutski still love Buffalo.

Buffalo has seen a lot in the last year. First, a racially motivated shooting taking several lives at a Tops grocery store, to then one of the deadliest snowstorms to hit Western NY.

Most residents found comfort in the Buffalo Bills during these times of hardship, to then witness the tragic injury to Hamlin unfold Monday night.

“It was stunning to see the crowd be so quiet. Everything about it was just stunning,” said Buffalo Resident Judith Black. “We do take our Bills very seriously here. It gets us through the winter months, I know they do a lot in the community, and we appreciate what they do in addition to entertaining us. So, we don’t want anything bad to happen to them.”


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