Jamestown’s Mayor Announces Re-Election Campaign

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Mayor Eddie Sundquist has kicked off his re-election campaign.

“When I consider what I want in a mayor in our city, I think of that integrity. I think of that ability to inspire. As the Democratic Committee Chair, I also have the privilege of considering what I want in a partner to lead our party. I hope for honesty and transparency. Someone who is willing to do the hard work not only to get elected, but more importantly once they are,” says Democratic Committee Chairwoman Alyssa Porter.

On Friday, Mayor Sundquist hosted a meet-in-greet at the Chop House in Jamestown, where several elected officials came out to support his candidacy, including Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas.

“As many of you know, the county is pretty much a Republican county. We deal with issues routinely, Eddie and I, as the only two Democratic mayors in these two cities. Sometimes we have to work together to get things done that we need, that is the sad truth,” explains Rosas.

Despite pandemic challenges, financial crisis, and a push for social change within his first year in office, Sundquist says this has only furthered his resolve to to lead the City of Jamestown.

“After hard work and careful planning, we now have the largest fund balance in decades, all without raising a cent of taxes here in the city. To our brothers and sisters in labor, we settled every union contract that were decades old here in the city,” boasts Sundquist.

Sunquist notes addressing public safety issues, improving quality of life, obtaining grant funding, furthering economic development and addressing homelessness, and providing transparency and inclusivity in local government as some of his proudest accomplishments in his term as mayor.

“But nothing has been quite as transformational as the funds we have received from the American Rescue Plan Act. Due to the hard work of many organizations and our direct lobbying, we were able to secure over $28 million dollars in federal funds for the City of Jamestown,” boasts Sundquist.

Throughout his tenure, Sundquist says that Jamestown addressed the nationwide uptick in gun violence and desire for police reform by hiring more police officers who engage in community programs.

The city has also prepared itself to become a safe harbor for refugees. These new Americans will fill open job positions and fill the vacant homes that would otherwise degrade.

Though Sundquist is a Democratic candidate, he believes he is a mayor for all parties, and is equipped with the skills necessary to continue Jamestown’s path to a brighter future.

“I have worked with a Republican City Council my entire time in office and will continue to push forward in finding common sense solutions to our problems. Even if some members of city council refuse to do the same in good faith,” assures Sundquist.

While no challenger has officially come forward, political sources tell WNY News Now top Republicans on Jamestown’s City Council are considering running for the mayoral position.


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