Jamestown Street Unofficially Renamed To Celebrate The Buffalo Bills

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — In celebration of the Buffalo Bills playoffs, a street in Jamestown is sporting a new name. 

Traffic technician Patti Culliton led the effort to unofficially rename Allendale Avenue in Jamestown to Josh Allendale Avenue, at the request of residents living nearby.

“I had a special phone call come in from some resident Bills fans in this neighborhood, and they were in Orchard Park, and they saw an Allendale sign up there that had been specialized for the Bills fans,“ explained Culliton. “And they requested that their sign get added on with a specialty Bills sign.”  

This is not the first time local through fairs were “renamed.” Last year, the intersection of Allen and Buffalo Streets was effectively deemed Josh Allen and Lets Go Buffalo Streets in anticipation of their AFC championship game.

“We all have to get approved before we go doing anything crazy, so the Director of Public Works Jeff Lehman, who is also a huge Bills fan, gave me the go-ahead to do this sign,“ stated Culliton. “And just said hang on to the sign until we make the playoffs. Well we all knew we were going to make the playoffs.”  

For fans like Culliton, now is the perfect time to show their love for the Bills.

“It is one of the best times, because Damar Hamlin, it’s unfortunate what happened to him,” explained Culliton. “He’s on a speedy road to recovery, we’re going to get him back, and it just brought more people, public awareness to the Bills, and what a big heart the Bills team is. So, if you weren’t a Bills fan before, you’re a Bills fan now.”      

The sign is going to stay up until, in what many in Jamestown fans hope will be the Buffalo Bills first superbowl win.

Currently the Buffalo Bills are First in AFC East with a win loss rate of 13-3, they will play the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at 1 p.m. in Orchard Park.’


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