Rep. Nick Langworthy Reacts To President Biden’s Address

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tuesday night President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address. His speech drew both criticism and praise on things ranging from domestic to international issues.   

He touted his accomplishments like passing bipartisan infrastructure bill, reducing the costs of insulin for seniors and a bipartisan gun bill.   

Republicans in the audience began to boo or shout at the President when he said that we need to address the Fentanyl crisis and when he called on Congress to ban assault weapons following mass shootings in Uvlade, Texas and Buffalo, New York.  

New York’s new southern tier congressman, Republican Nick Langworthy, spoke with us right after Biden’s speech.  

Langworthy says he was upset to hear the President claimed Republicans wanted to cut Social Security as part of their spending cuts. In previous talks in Congress, it was reported that some Republican members were looking at spending cuts like Social Security and Medicare but from the boos Republicans gave the President following that comment, it sounds like that is no longer on the table.  

Langworthy tore into Biden’s address to the nation. 

“I don’t think he addressed things that are important to my constituents in the southern tier in New York, that’s the high cost of groceries, gasoline and high heating. None of that inflationary, the problem that is gripping our nation and especially in this district is tone deaf,” said Langworthy.  

“That was lacking. I’m also surprised how he just glossed over the China problem. I mean this is like the elephant in the room,” continued Langworthy. “People across the country were glued to their TVs wondering what was going on with that spy balloon and finally after the outcry was so wide from sea to shining sea, that people wanted this shot out of the sky, not until then Saturday afternoon did it happen.” 

The President also emphasized a need for more American manufacturing and to promote ‘buy American.’ Congressman Langworthy said it was a message he could get behind.  

Langworthy says if it’s our tax money going into infrastructure projects, we shouldn’t be buying from foreign markets, we should be buying right here at home from American workers.   


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