Warren Teenager Performs at Carnegie Hall

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WARREN, Pa. (Erie News Now) — A lot of people have big dreams and set sky-high goals. For some, it takes many years to achieve those objectives, others may never come close to reaching their ambitions.

However, there’s a young vocalist in Warren who has already done something that any performer would love to experience.

Back in the day when I used to run long distances, I always wanted to do the Boston Marathon. But, you had to qualify for that race and I was never fast enough to run that hallowed course.

Macy Winicki is a junior at Warren High School. She’s already reached the holy grail, not of running, but of music.

Early this month, she performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. Macy, a soprano, was one of 300 students from around the world chosen to sing in the honors treble choir.

Over 10,000 applied. She experienced three days of preparation under master conductors culminating with a group performance on the famous stage. A stage that’s hosted legends such as Leonard Bernstein, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Beatles.

“The director for the program, she told us, ‘the first time you’re there you’re going to have an emotional reaction. That’s ok. Just feel it and soak it in.’ and we all kind of felt like, ‘yeah, like whatever. She’s exaggerating But no. She was right,” said Macy. “It was very special. It was a very special moment.”

Macy began singing in the third grade. She later began performing in productions at middle school and high school, and in community theater. She is a frequent performer at the Struthers Library Theater in Warren.

“No. We’re not remotely surprised that she’s done this. She works so hard and loves theater so much that it’s a no-brainer that she would be performing someplace like Carnegie Hall,” said Eric Morelli, Artistic Director of Struthers Library Theatre.

It was at the Struthers Library Theater where Macy learned she was chosen for the honors choir at Carnegie Hall. She was watching a movie inside the theater when she got the text from her mom.

“Oh my god. I got it! It was like crying but also trying not to disrupt the movie,” said Macy. “So, I had to rush out with my friend who was there with me. It was a very emotional moment. I cried.”

Macy will continue performing on the local stage while she decides where her musical talent will take her. She’s already has an impressive resume, including a performance at Carnegie Hall. What could top that?

There is a mystery that goes along with this story. Macy had to be nominated to perform at Carnegie Hall. But to this day, she has no idea who submitted her name. No one has come forward to take the credit.

After the nomination, she did have to submit three songs that showcased her singing talent. The judges liked what they heard.


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