Langworthy visits New York to tout local manufacturing jobs

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) — Congressman Nick Langworthy visited upstate New York as part of his efforts to bring jobs to the Southern Tier. The Jamestown native is looking to use the individuals who are educated here, to be the ones who gain access to the jobs.

“I am looking for federal opportunities to assist in our manufacturing base, and creating more engineers, in keeping, having opportunities for them, to stay and work where they get their education,” Langworthy.

In recent year jobs have been slowly trickling into the Southern Tier. One example is the Hardinge Plant in Elmira, where Langworthy spent part of Friday touring the facility.

“We started the process just before COVID, in 2019. So overall we have brought about 50 jobs over. As we continue to ramp up our production – we will continue to add more jobs. Here locally we have over 350 jobs in this building,” said Ryan Ervin, president of workholding and chief marketing at Hardinge.

At Hardinge Manufacturing they focus on creating machinery specifically for cutting metal.

“There is no ceiling. We just need to get to work to get competitive again for the Southern Tier. It has been a place where we have said ‘goodbye’ to companies, “said Langworthy.


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