New cannabis dispensary opening in upstate New York

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ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) — “William Jane,” new cannabis dispensary, is coming to Ithaca in the coming months. This business is nearly 10 years in the making for Binghamton businessman William Durham.

In the past, Durham had a prior conviction for marijuana possession. Now, after operating a successful business for over two years, he has earned a marijuana dispensary license.

“I’ve been a cannabis fan for, pretty much, most of my life,” he said. “If you can make money doing something you like…I don’t know any other way to do it.”

Durham runs WH Convenience in Binghamton. He is ready to expand after he has turned his life around and earned a Conditional Adult Use Dispensary License that allows him to sell cannabis in the Southern Tier.

“WH Convenience was actually my previous business…it was what I used to actually sign up for the court application,” he said. “You had to have a business showing two years of profit and so I used my convenience store as proof.”

Durham said he has always wanted to sell cannabis, legally. 10 years ago, he never thought he would be able to pursue this dream. As New York State dove deeper into marijuana legalization, Durham realized he had a chance.

“Over the years, you know, you just started hearing more and more of the things that were happening and us getting closer to actually making that be an opportunity,” he said. “It’s kind of like a lottery ticket.”

Durham hopes to receive acceptance from the Ithaca community in regard to his dispensary. He wants to add a positive energy to Ithaca Commons.

“It’s more than…just…cannabis and smoking,” he said. “You know, just coming in and getting educated on some of the things you may have not known about cannabis and meting good people.”

People can expect a pop-up for the new dispensary in the Ithaca Commons during March.

“William Jane” will open its doors at 119 to 121 E. State Street, along the commons, where Trader K’s used to be located.


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