The Ballot For This Fall’s Elections In Jamestown Are Takes Shape

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The ballot for this fall’s local elections in Jamestown is taking shape, with both Democrats and Republicans announcing their candidate endorsements.

This year, Jamestown Mayor, City Council, City Judge and local representatives for the Chautauqua County Legislature are up for election.

Among the top races for Jamestown City Council is for Ward III, where Democrat incumbent Regina Brackman will face off with Republican Robert Reedy in a rematch from years past.

In the race for Ward IV Democrat Marie Carrubba is seeking re-election with Republican Joseph Paterniti looking to gain voter’s trust.

Incumbent Republican William Reynolds, who was appointed to serve out the remainder of the previously vacant Ward V seat, seeks to win votes over Democrat Kaycee Colburn.

Andrew Faulkner, the incumbent Republican from Ward VI, will face Democrat Vanessa Weinert who previously served as a city councilwoman at-large in years past.

Two incumbent republicans, Jeffrey Russell and Randall Daversa, are seeking re-election to City Council At-Large alongside a political newcomer and Republican Russell Bonfiglio. Democrats Isaiah Rashad II and Alyssa Porter also announced their candidacy for the three at-large positions.

Incumbent Republicans Brent Sheldon and Anthony Dolce are currently running un-opposed for the Ward I and Ward II seats, respectively.

As for Jamestown’s representation in Chautauqua County’s legislature, Democrat Billy Torres is looking to secure re-election for District 9 over Republican Phillip Landy.

Democrat Julie Jackson-Forsberg is challenging Republican Jamie Gustafson, an incumbent who was appointed to fill District 10 seat vacancy.

In the race for District 12, incumbent Republican Elisabeth Rankin will face Democrat Fred Larson.

Democrat Tom Nelson, an incumbent appointed to fill another vacancy, is seeking election over Republican Joseph Tickle for District 13’s seat.

Republican incumbent David Wilfong is currently running un-opposed for the 11th Legislative District seat.

The Jamestown City Democratic Committee also endorsed Jamestown native and local attorney John LaMancuso for City Court Judge.

It was previously announced that incumbent Mayor Eddie Sundquist is seeking re-election with the Democratic Committee’s support while city councilwoman Kim Ecklund is running on the GOP ticket.

A full breakdown of the candidates running for office is posted below:


Jamestown City Council

  • Ward I:
    • Brent Sheldon  (R-Incumbent)
  • Ward II:
    • Anthony Dolce (R-Incumbent)
  • Ward III:
    • Regina Brackman (D-Incumbent)
    • Robert Reedy (R)
  • Ward IV:
    • Marie Carrubba (D-Incumbent)
    • Joseph Paterniti (R)
  • Ward V:
    • Kaycee Colburn (D)
    • William Reynolds (R-Incumbent)
  • Ward VI:
    • Vanessa Weinert (D)
    • Andrew Faulkner (R-Incumbent)
  • At-Large:
    • Isaiah Rashad II (D)
    • Alyssa Porter (D)
    • Jeffrey Russell (R-Incumbent)
    • Randall Daversa (R-Incumbent)
    • Russell Bonfiglio (R)


Chautauqua County Legislature in Jamestown

  • District 9
    • Billy Torres (D-Incumbent)
    • Phillip Landy (R)
  • District 10
    • Julie Jackson-Forsberg (D)
    • Jamie Gustafson (R-Incumbent)
  • District 11
    • David Wilfong (R-Incumbent)
  • District 12
    • Fred Larson (D)
    • Elisabeth Rankin (R-Incumbent)
  • District 13
    • Tom Nelson (D-Incumbent)
    • Joseph Tickle (R)


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