Transgender Women Now Can Compete in USA Powerlifting

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) — Transgender women can now compete in USA Powerlifting, after a court ruled in favor of athlete JayCee cooper, who filed a discrimination suit, after she was banned from competing in women events.

USA Powerlifting now has to revise its policy to allow transgender women to compete in USA Powerlifting.

“I’m fed up with what’s going on in this world right now,” Joe Orengia, Coach and Owner of Joe’s Gym, a powerlifting gym in Millcreek said.

Orengia also says that the ruling is unfair to non-transgender women in the sport.

“I mean it’s not right, It’s definitely not right, especially for the women,” Orengia said.

But for Eli Skelton, a trans rights activist, this is a historic win for transgender rights.

“So this is honestly, amazing. Wins like this, they don’t come easily.” Skelton said.

Many People believe, even when a man transitions to a woman, they still have an edge, but as Skelton explains, that’s not always the case.

“I feel like a lot of people just assume that trans women have an advantage, but there’s been science proving that they don’t and especially if their on hormone replacement therapy, they don’t even have an even advantage,” Skelton said.


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