Nor’easter storm impact on Albany

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ALBANY, NY (WENY) — Ahead of the Nor’easter storm Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency for several counties in New York including Albany.

“This is how we can amplify the message that this is serious but also allows us to deploy resources and take extraordinary measures to protect the safety of our residents and their properties,” Hochul said.

The governor also pre positioned 100 national guard in the capital region ready to step in.

Throughout the day Tuesday, New York’s Office of General Services drives through the streets of Albany and in front of the capitol building clearing snow and sanding the streets. According to the National Weather service, Albany has accumulated about six inches of snow so far, and is predicted to get another 3-5 inches throughout the Tuesday evening.

While officials continue to stress the seriousness of this storm, some residents enjoyed being out in the snow–taking walks and building snowmen.

Molly Bray-Hayes, Albany resident, said she doesn’t mind the Nor’easter storm weather. Tuesday afternoon she took a walk though the snow with her dog Tippy.

“It’s been alright, I have to dig out the car later and do all that winter stuff, but it just makes me appreciate the spring and summer more,” Bray-Hayes said.

While Bray-Hayes doesn’t mind the snow, Tippy is not a big fan. She said she won’t leave the house without her yellow power jacket. Bray-Hayes said she is confident Tippy will get through the rest of the storm.

“She just has to have her power jacket on and then she’ll go out and do her thing,” she said.


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