NY Lawmakers to expand abortion education

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ALBANY, NY (WENY) — This session the Senate and the Assembly introduced a bill to establish a grant program for medical interns and residents to receive training on abortion and other related reproductive health services.

Last week, the Senate advanced this bill in their one-house budget resolution. Some lawmakers said while New York has strong laws protecting reproductive health, there is more they can do for New Yorkers and out-of-state residents looking for sanction.

“If we don’t have enough healthcare providers to provide the training to provide the services these women need, we flunk the test it’s as simple as that,” said Sen. Liz Krueger (D-28th Senate District).

The Senate put six million dollars into their one-house budget resolution for this initiative.

Some students said navigating medical school and residency in a time when states around the country are limiting abortion access, this legislation is pertinent–especially for students who sometimes don’t have an abundance of choices for their education.

“If you only get into medical school in Nebraska, that’s where you’re gonna go because that’s where you are going to get your medical training and you need to have access to states like New York State where you can get that training if you do end up there,” said Edith Statham, Med Student, Albany Medical College.

For Tiffany Win, a 30-year-old medical student, she has seen this issue impact her as a patient and a student. Win had her now 18-month-old daughter Violet in her first year of medical school.

She said through her experience of having a child, it gave her a lot of comfort to know her doctors were experts in their field and she wants to have that same expertise.

“As a future provider, I want to know that my state cares about my education enough to prioritize my education and my training for the rest of my career,” Win said.

Sen. Krueger said if this legislation is advances through the final state budget, then it won’t need to be passed separately. She also said she is hopeful this bill will go through the final budget plan due on April 1.


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