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By De Shaun Robinson

The transition from winter to spring means that flowers are starting to bloom and gardeners may be itching to get that dirt. Dan Hurley, who is the owner and a farmer at Bradley Farms, has tips you can utilize for this upcoming planting season.

” The best thing one can do right now is planning your garden instead of planting. Take a look at where your location is. If you have a shady area, you need plants that thrive in the shade like begonias and impatiens. If you have lots of sun, you need plants that thrive in the sun like marigold. Take a good look at where your location is before you think about getting the plants,” said Dan Hurley.

Planting is not recommended at this time, since frequent frost is likely through April in this region. However, in the event of frost hitting your crops, a porous cloth or frost proof membranes can go a long way in dealing with these cold snaps. Hurley stresses that plastic is the worst thing you can use to reduce the impacts of frost because it holds the moisture in. You need something that is breathable.

Adding organic matter to the soil is essential for growing healthy plants. Hurley said,” I would recommend something like high quality mulch to build up the organic matter within the soil. One of the best thing pound per pound is peat moss. Peat moss is organic sterile, that you can mix that into your soil. Composting is another method you can use to boost the quality of your soil. ”

However, Hurley stresses that is very important to get a soil test done to know that amount of pH that is contained in the soil. Regardless of fertilizer, not knowing this piece of information could cost you. Garden Centers or Banfield-Baker Corporation are places you can go to get these tests done.


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