Warren County Police Announce Pilot of Gaize Impairment Detection Technology for Marijuana

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The Warren County, PA District Attorney’s Office will start deploying Gaize, rapid screening technology for cannabis and other other drugs, to combat impaired driving.

The Gaize device is an automated eye-movement based screening test that detects impairment using the same eye movement tests and indicators that Drug Recognition Expert police officers have been using for decades.

The tests will be conducted using a VR headset, which captures eye movement video and data. From there the data will be analyzed.

The Gaize device has already been delivered to Warren County and training is already underway.

Currently, in Pennsylvania, an individual cannot drive if there is any marijuana in their blood. That means that even if the individual is completely sober, but used marijuana in the weeks prior to driving on PA roads, they are driving illegally and can be charged with a DUI.

More information on Gaize can be found here.


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