Importance of Getting Trees Assessed

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These volatile weather conditions are a hallmark of springtime, when cold and warm air collide. For the last two weekends, conditions have been just right with high and gusting winds bring lots of trees down.

We checked in with J Thomas Tree Service this week to ask, Is there anyway a homeowner can check or tell if their trees are at risk of toppling? He said there are definitely things to look for and it’s a good idea to have a tree expert take a look.

Jacob Thomas, a Certified Arborist said, “A lot of evergreen varieties have shallow root systems, so those are very susceptible to failure at high winds especially when grounds are wet. Uh we also want to be looking for like bad unions in trees and large dead branches that can come down during these winds. We suggest that you have an arborist, or a certified arborist come through and just do an assessment of your property, a lot of companies will do them for free just come on your property talk to you about your trees and try to guide you in the right direction.”

A bad union is when two big branches arise from one point on a tree in a v shape. Jacob Thomas also said a tree service can advise you on tree placement around your property, so if a tree does fall, it won’t hit your home or cars.


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