Three-Pronged Plan Announced To Crack Down On Swatting Calls

WNY News Now File Image.

LOCKPORT, NY (WNY News Now) – New York’s U.S. Senator has announced a three-pronged plan to crack down on swatting calls.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer was in Western New York at Lockport High School Wednesday.

The senior Senator demanded the FBI launch a full investigation into a wave of hoax swatting calls that prompted police to respond to 226 schools across the Empire State.

Schumer is seeking $10 million dollars in funding to help the FBI address the issue.

“We need the FBI and the feds to actually start tracking the crimes,” explained Schumer. “They don’t track them yet, in other words, they don’t have a whole list of where they are occurring, and when, and how.”

Last week two schools in Chautauqua County fell victim to swatting, with callers falsely reporting an active shooter in Jamestown and Silver Creek.


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