Spring grilling tips as outdoor barbeques make their return

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By Dan Berman

CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) — With the warmer weather comes grilling season with grills soon to be turned on for the season. Before starting to cook its important that your grill is clean.

“The best thing you can do is keep it seasoned when you first start out put that grill at a high heat for about ten minutes get a nice wire brush and really scrub the grill down with that wire brush .” says Wegmans store chef Thomas Spencer

Chef Spencer says you’ll want to start out by preheating your grill

“Start by preheating your grill set it on high let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes once its preheated we want to go ahead and scrape it down get all the bits on there from last year or the last time you cooked once its all clean and pristine go ahead and put a little bit of oil just a little cloth lightly put some oil on it if you see the smoke coming off the oil that mean your grills ready to go.”

“Spring is usually a little more light meats like some lamb and we do a lot of seafood on the grill some crabs some shrimp stuff like that.”

Whether it be hamburgers, chicken, or steak cooking at the right temperature is key.

“Ground beef and ground meats we want to cook to one sixty-one sixty-five degrees to make sure its safe if we’re looking at poultry definitely want to be the one sixty five to one seventy mark.”


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