What to Know Going Into Allergy Season

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By Tom Kowalski

As the Spring flowers start to bloom, many are experiencing the all too familiar symptoms of allergies such as a scratchy throat, runny nose, and watery eyes.

Experts say it’s best to expect the worst before pollen season.

“This pollen season could be pretty nasty,” said Erie News Now weather forecaster, Dakota Hunter. “We are a pretty high pollen area around here when it comes to trees, obviously with the dust and mold pollen. The pollens already are running pretty [moderately] when it comes to the tree pollen because the trees are starting to bud now.”

Pharmacist Ciarra Bodnar says there are plenty of quality over-the-counter medications to take for fighting allergies, but she recommends avoiding on brand specifically.

“Steering away from Benadryl use as an allergy medication I think is important just because although it is an antihistamine and it is technically for allergies, it can make you extremely drowsy and it’s not really something you can take one of, it only lasts like four to 6 hours,” said Bodnar.

Bodnar recommends using nasal sprays such as Flonase if you’re comfortable.

“The Flonase is honestly probably the most effective,” continued Bodnar. “But not everyone likes to use the nasal spray, so if you’re going for a tablet or something easier, then I would say usually Zyrtec.”


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