Jamestown Deer Infestation Discussed

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — It’s been close to a year and a half since local leaders in Jamestown have tried to cull the deer population within city limits. Now the public is asking, what can be done to stop the ever growing deer problem. 

Jamestown resident and previous Deer Management Work Group member Tom Nelson asked the City Council at their weekly meeting for an update on plans to regulate urban deer.

“What’s been done, what’s going to get done, has there been a committee formed, who’s serving on the committee, who’s going to take the lead on that committee,” asked Nelson. “I know many times you get people coming to council meetings complaining they don’t have a solution. I think many of you know I put forth a solution in September of 2021, which was rejected by many members of this council.”

Several proposals have been considered, including sterilization, relocation, and even a controlled hunt. With all either being rejected by the DEC or the city council. 

“We can’t do sterilization because it has to be tied to the university and the program,“ explained Mayor Eddie Sundquist. “And other methods have either been way to expensive or not going to be allowed by the state.”

Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist says the city council voted down potential solutions twice, which started arguments between council members and administration.

“I don’t recall ever having anything come from this specific administration, from City Hall per se,” stated Council President Tony Dolce. “It was Tom’s committee that came up with a recommendation, and several changes at the last minute that people didn’t feel comfortable with, so I guess I’m just confused.”

“I don’t necessarily think that is correct,“ said Mayor Sundquist. “We did propose an option to the city council. At that point the city council said no, we’d rather see a task force.”  

Councilwoman Kim Eckland goes on to say that the Town of Ellicott supposedly granted more hunting permits last year, however, an update on the program was not provided. 

“There’s a lot of reasons there’s more deer and you can ask many hunters,” explained Councilwoman Eckland. “There’s less people hunting, there’s more posted property for people to not be able to hunt on. So deer, where you live Mayor, where I live, aren’t just in the city of Jamestown. They’re coming from the outskirts, and I think we need to realize that and look at all that stuff and involve the DEC and involve those organizations as well.”

Previously the council planned to create a new task force to tackle the deer problem. However, no action has been taken on that front either.


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