Schumer to Set Up Vote Condemning Trump’s Call to Defund DOJ, FBI

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The day after former president Donald Trump was in a New York courtroom facing 34 felony counts related to alleged hush-money payments, he took to social media urging republicans to “defund” two federal law enforcement agencies. Senate democrats are pushing back against the former president.

Trump is urging republicans to defund the FBI and DOJ, but neither of those agencies are involved in his New York case. Regardless, Senator Chuck Schumer (R- NY) said senators from across the political spectrum and from both parties should denounce that request from the former president.

Schumer made it known that they plan to take up a resolution denouncing Trump’s call to “defund” the two agencies in a letter to members. That letter says in part: “Trump’s call for defunding federal law enforcement agencies is a baseless, self-serving broadside against the men and women who keep our nation safe”. Schumer adds: “The good work of the FBI and the DOJ sends criminals to prison for bank robbery, sex trafficking, child pornography, hate crimes, terrorism, fraud and so much more. The former president and his allies in congress must not subjugate justice and public safety because of their own personal grievances”.

This vote could force republicans to choose between standing by the former president or standing by federal law enforcement. Congress is still on recess, but they will return next week.


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