Volunteer Featured in Ukraine Receives Award

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A couple of months ago, we sent a crew Ukrainian. While they were in Lviv, they met with international volunteers helping feed soldiers on the front lines. One of those volunteers we met, just received one of the top awards in Ukraine for their humanitarian service.

When we traveled to Lviv, Ukraine in November, we came across this organization called the Lviv Volunteer Kitchen. They help prepare food for the soldiers fighting on the front lines.

Richard Woodruff is from the UK but has spent months in Ukraine as a volunteer for the kitchen. Since we last spoke with him, he’s helped kick off several fund raising opportunities to help expand the kitchen’s work.

“Now we’ve started supplying tourniquets and lots of different supplies to the frontlines so its got medical supplies, drones and food as well,” said Woodruff.

He’s also helped make deliveries to places within miles of the Russian border.

“It’s easily within artillery range,” said Woodruff.

Dressed in bulletproof vests and a helmet, making these deliveries are dangerous.

“Every second we are there, we know a missile can come down,” said Woodruff.

When they arrive in the eastern city of Kupiansk, there are hundreds of Ukrainians waiting for them.

“Delivering humanitarian aid to people is a really horrible feeling,” said Woodruff. “You would think ‘oh this feels good but maybe it’s a nice thing’ but the reality is you see all these people who had their lives torn apart by Russian aggression.”

But his work has not gone unnoticed.

“The award was the Volunteer of Ukraine,” said Woodruff. “Because of the amounts we’ve done for their units and their divisions in terms of supplying them with food for the front lines but also medical supplies and doing everything possible to deliver humanitarian aid.”

Woodruff said it’s his highest honor.

“I don’t know who put in a good word for me but yeah, it has made me feel very special and loved.”


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