April is National Stress Awareness Month

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By Dan Berman

ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) — Stress is defined as any time your demands exceed your ability to cope. Whether it be emotional physical and or social a little stress can sometimes be motivational but too much stress can cause long term affects.

“Even a little bit of stress can actually be a good thing for you it can motivate you to get your work done or really bring up al of your responsivity to deal with something demanding but when you have acute stressors one on top of the other that’s when you start to have more chronic stress.” says Cayuga Medical assistant director of behavioral health Dr. Kaitlin Lilienthal.

In terms of ways to cope with stress Dr. Lilienthal says the best thing you can do is to engage in some of your favorite hobbies.

“If your hobby is playing tennis go play tennis if you like to be in a choir go sing doing something where your energy is directed outward and brings in that feel good response is really what I recommend people do.”

Dr. Lilienthal adds another best practice is if your dealing with chronic stress and your not getting any relief its best to reach out and talk to someone.

“Long term affects of stress like your having a headache your stomach is constantly upset you notice your irritable with your loved ones fatigue burnout some of these things some of these thigs while the stressors go away might alleviate but if they don’t you should reach out and talk to somebody whether its your primary care doctor or trusted love one.”

There are local resources to help those dealing with chronic stress.


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