Jamestown Seeking Additional Code Enforcement Officers

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The City of Jamestown is seeking two additional code enforcement officers to add to the city’s roster. All of this on the heels of an understaffed Department of Development. 

The Jamestown DOD only has two enforcement officers currently. With the new hires, the development office will be able to more effectively address blight with the pearl city.

These two positions are for a Target Area Code Enforcement Officer, and a Rehab and Code Enforcement officer.

The code enforcers will address properties in disrepair and issue all, if any, violations to properties.

Both roles take around a year of training to be certified.

According to the Director of Development, Crystal Surdyk, these positions will lessen the load for the two current code enforcers and help the city address blighted properties.

“One of the positions was planned for,” explained Surdyk. “The other one was just circumstances require us to to be able to add and fill a vacancy. There is certainly a need as everybody knows, and that I know two code enforcement officers currently that would be very happy to add to their team.” 

Currently the DOD is accepting applications with many already vying for the jobs.

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