Burglary Alarm Alerts Authorities Of Oil Company Fire

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A faulty machine is to blame for a fire at a local oil company Thursday morning. However, authorities were not made aware of the blaze until a burglary alarm was set off by falling debris. 

Longtime Jamestown business Danielson Oil Co. located at 258 Crescent Street suffered heavy damage to the office areas due to a faulty machine. 

Originally called in at around 4 a.m. Thursday morning, crews were able to suppress the fire in 45 minutes, spending the next few hours fully extinguishing the flames. 

After investigation, crews determined that the fire originated on the first floor in the office area towards the front western side of the building. It was also found that a faulty appliance in the break room caused the initial blaze.

The building however, had no working fire alarms, authorities were made aware of the disturbance by the burglary system activating. 

“There was no functioning fire alarm in the building, but the burglar alarm was tripped,“ explained Jamestown Fire Chief Matt Coon. “We don’t believe anybody was inside of the building. We do believe that falling debris from the ceiling set off that system before that system failed, due to the heat and fire conditions inside the office.”  

Because the business was an oil company, crews had knowledge on the property’s layout and knew how to effectively battle the blaze before it spread to any combustibles.


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