Construction Season Coming To Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Jamestown’s Department of Public Works is looking to get ahead of the warm weather and begin working on repairing multiple streets within the pearl city.  

A final draft of the city’s planned road work was shown off to city council members Monday night, highlighting the extreme amount of work crews are expecting to tackle. 

“This stretches us to the max,“ explained DPW Director Mark Roetzer. “As far as getting all of this done in a season.” 

One of these projects include finishing up the water main replacement at Roland Road and Juliet Street.

“So they’re almost done with their portion of the job, replacing the water mains and restoring services to all the houses,“ stated Roetzer. “So now, we’re going to go in and fix the trench that they dug and all the surfaces, mill the road down, and then replace bad curbs and sidewalks.” 

This is all possible due to the almost two million dollars of CHIPS funding the city received this year. This is similar to the extreme amount of work crews had on their hands last year.

“If we have good weather I’m sure that we’ll get a lot done,“ explained DPW Chair Randy Daversa. “I mean last year was a major reconstruction at Baker and Barrett, and that turned out nice. It was a really good move I thought.” 

In addition, the DPW is planning on acquiring two additional trucks, also funded through CHIPS, to replace ones that are currently out of commission. 

Officials also discussed the task of raising manhole covers to avoid dips in the roadway. Most problematic covers however, are not owned by the city.


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