Blue Star Mothers Gearing Up For Memorial Day Celebration

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – An organization dedicated to Veterans is working to honor the lives of those who are currently fighting or have fought, and to remember the heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice. 

With Memorial Day fast approaching, those at Blue Star Mothers are making final preparations for their tenth annual Gold Star memorial.

“We’re Blue Star mothers, we’ve had children who serve, and if they’ve died during the time of service or during the time of war, their blue star is covered with a gold star and they become Gold Star heroes and their parents become gold star mothers and fathers and families,” president of Blue Star Mothers Susan Rowley explained.

The mothers recognize the immense support they receive from the community.

“We have probably the most patriotic community I have ever seen and we are so well supported by all of the people in the community and we get a lot of participation that day. We have a couple hundred here. By the way, bring your lawn chairs when you come because there isn’t always enough seating for everybody,” said vice president Kathy Collver.

Throughout all of the traditions the Blue Star Mothers have, there is one that sticks out to vice president Kathy Collver. 

“This year we’re going to have 21 names that are going to be called out, but we honor all local heroes that have died during 1985 and on but then we remember all of our gold star heroes from all of the wars,” said Rowley.

“One of the traditions that is most meaningful is we release a biodegradable white balloon for each of the names that we read. As we just very solemnly watch that balloon float up, it just really brings you to tears thinking about that,” said Collver.

The Gold Star Ceremony will take place May 27th starting at 10 a.m at Veterans Park in Jamestown. The public is welcome to attend. For more information, you can visit the Blue Star Mothers Facebook page



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