Local Engine Plant Celebrates 2.5 Million Engines Made

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A local diesel engine plant is celebrating a few major milestones and accomplishments made in the past 50 years.

Cummins Engine has produced their 2.5 millionth engine at their Jamestown facility, a big accomplishment and JEP Plant Manager Anna Dibble explains that she is looking forward to the future of the plant.

“This is just such an exciting time for the plant, it really celebrates the past along with a lot of the accomplishments the plant has been successful in achieving, it celebrates the presence of 2.5 million engines and what that means, and it also celebrates the future,” said Dibble. 

The plant has also received $425 million investment upgrades to better production and the overall quality of the plant. 

“This is a really great plant and it’s really what makes Jamestown Engine Plant very special is the employees that work here, they are the most flexible that we have across the network and they just really deliver each day and so there is really no better plant to invest this type of money in for our future, than the Jamestown Engine Plant,” Dibble said. “My message to the community would be, this is a great place to continue to grow and develop and invest for the future.”

Dibble explains that the future holds some uncertainties, but Cummins is ready for the challenge. 

“We think there’s going to be some messiness in the middle, but certainly understanding that there is a pathway forward and that we have products that will meet any customer’s challenges when they are ready is really exciting for us,” Dibble explained. 

In the end, JEP is optimistic about the road ahead, and is seemingly overjoyed about this 2.5 million engine celebration.

“The last few years have been very difficult for manufacturers but the future is bright in Western New York and Cummins would like to lead the way and help partner and show the way on how we can invest unprecedented amounts and be successful,” Dibble said.

As the plant continues to grow, so does their ability to produce more advanced engines, such as the hydrogen powered engine in hopes to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. 


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