Safe Journey’s “Unmasking Domestic Violence” Campaign Kicks Off

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ERIE, PA (ERIE News Now) – The domestic violence recovery service, Safe Journey, kicked off its new “Unmasking Domestic Violence” campaign, hoping to show that anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse.

The announcement came at the Millcreek Mall and will feature interactive advertisements showing those who endured domestic abuse going from the victim, to survivor, to thriver.
“They will see that somebody within their community [is experiencing what they’re going through and] be like ‘oh my gosh, maybe I’m a victim of domestic violence,'” said Lori Palison, Executive Director of Safe Journey.
“Maybe I can have the courage to reach out and to just talk to somebody… So we’re hoping that it will get their attention so that maybe they’ll make that phone call, maybe they’ll make that connection so they no longer have to live in that silence.”
Gail Black, an author and survivor of domestic abuse, says she’s honored to help people deal with and move on from domestic abuse with her book, “A*ses & Angels: A Journey from Abuse to Achievement.”

“I used to be very badly abused,” said Black.

“There was no help back when that happened to me. I wrote the book. Someone read it and sent me to Safe Journey and they asked me to speak at one of their events, which I did, and it led me to this wonderful group of people… If a person is abused – and there are a lot of us, it crosses every economic border you would want to know. It’s not something you should be ashamed of. It’s something you should get away from if you can.”

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