Airplane Accident Victims Identified

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The two victims of a fatal plane accident at the Jamestown Airport have been identified.

Chautauqua County Sheriff Jim Quattrone identified the two victims. The Pilot was identified as 52-year-old Roger Jay Ryall from Toronto Canada, with the plane’s passenger as 52-year-old David J Hughes of British Columbia.

The plane, a Cirrus SR22T departed from Oshawa, Canada Tuesday morning. The plane landed in Erie Pa, then again at the Jamestown Airport to fill up.

The plane left the airport at 1:41 p.m. heading to Waterloo Ontario, crashing 11 minutes later.

 Crews were on scene within minutes, but they discovered a fully engulfed wreckage.  

“There’s nothing left of the plane,” explained Chautauqua County Sheriff Jim Quattrone. “There’s parts and that’s it. It was an intense fire as we stated, we believe it fueled up, we believe the capacity of that plane was 92 gallons so it’s likely 92 gallons of fuel on board.”

Multiple witness reports involve seeing a parachute. While accurate, it was a part of the plane, not a person.

“That plane is equipped with a parachute, for if they were to have mechanical issues, they could activate that,“ stated the Sheriff. “So it was not a individual, it was for the airplane itself.” 

The investigation is currently ongoing with multiple agencies involved. 

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