Debt Ceiling Deal Impacts SNAP Benefits

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ERIE, (ENN) – For the past 10 years, retired firefighter Bob Hanna has relied on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program for food assistance.

“I’m on disability,” said Hanna. “It’s really hard to make ends meet.”

With additional pandemic payments ending in March, the past three months for Hanna have been tough.

“Prices are outrageous in the stores,” said Hanna. “What you used to be able to get, what you could with your SNAP, you can’t afford now, so you have to make do with what you’re going to get.”

The debt ceiling deal signed by President Biden has led to some changes in the SNAP benefits.


There are new age requirements that affect who is eligible for SNAP benefits. The new provision requires adults aged 18 to 54 to prove that they work 80 hours a month.

The previous age bracket was 18 to 49.

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