Majestic Bakery Owners Add their Own Flavor to Longtime Erie Business: Giving You the Business

ERIE, PA (ENN) -Only three people are running a longtime Erie business. Now, they are adding their own flavor.

Here’s more from Majestic Bakery for this week’s Business Report, sponsored by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.

The idea wall is filled with possibilities, coming from the trio. They are the ones who keep the Majestic Baking Company in Erie’s Little Italy section in operation.

Max Wieczorek is the dough mixer. Fellow Mercyhurst Prep graduate Will Baldauf is the baker, overseeing everything that goes in and out of this oven built in 1905.

And then, there’s Cam. Cam Spaeder bought the longtime business in 2019 shortly after it went up for sale.


“I am the janitor and owner of the building,” said Cam. “I wanted to go for sourdough, old world traditional bread.”

None of them had prior bread-making experience, but have taken a grassroots approach to producing specialty breads.

“So this is mint picked from my garden this morning,” said Will.

It was used to make a strawberry mint bread.

“A lot of trial and error, books, YouTube videos,” said Cam.


Sourdough and whole wheat loaves are staples, plus: pinwheels filled with different varieties.

A big part of the business is selling this bread in stores and to wholesale clients.

Walk-ins are welcome. They can come in any Wednesday through Saturday and purchase any of the bread available.

Specials or staples can also be purchased online.

It’s laborious but rewarding work.

“We’re just doing something that’s honest,” said Cam. “Working with your hands, you have something to show for it at the end of the day. It’s good.”


Helping to create smiles on the faces of customers, from ideas that may work out, or ones that you can hold and enjoy.

The baked goods will be sold at the Leaf Market this and other Saturdays in Erie’s Frontier Park.

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