“Birds and Bees Protection Act” Disappointment

Scott Bauer / USDA

ALBANY, NY (WNY News Now) – New York lawmakers passed legislation against the use of pesticide treated seeds. While some claim it will protect indigenous wildlife, others say it will hurt farmers more.

The new legislation, dubbed the “Birds and Bees Protection Act”, will ban neonicotinoids (neonics), which are pesticide treated seeds, across the state. 

By using neonics, farmers have been able to maximize the quality and quantity of their harvest while minimizing the previously used large-scale, more toxic and environmentally detrimental pesticides. 

New York State Senator George Borello claimed that by banning neonics, the usage of pesticides will increase about 375 percent per acre. 

New York legislators say that neonics are harmful to bees, birds, and other pollinators. However, Senator Borello argues that the safety of these seeds has been settled by studies and registered for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

The senator feels that if this bill is signed into law, then it will be yet another hit to the New York State farmers, who have seemingly been under attack by this Legislature over the past several years.

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