Burham Sent To Pennsylvania Courts

MAYVILLE, NY (WNY News Now) – The prime suspect in a Jamestown homicide and car fire is being sent to face Pennsylvania Courts before he is tried in Chautauqua County.

After three weeks Michael Burham was brought to New York State where he faced federal flight charges. Those were dropped, now it is up to the individual states to prosecute Burham.

Chautauqua County District Attorney Jason Schmidt tells us that he has been working closely with the Warren County DA on how to prosecute Burham.

Both thought it would be appropriate if Pennsylvania prosecuted him first on charges relating to kidnapping an elderly couple out of Warren County.

The DA believes that the New York court system would prosecute Burham in a few months. After sentencing, Burham would be sent to New York State for the homicide of Kala Hodkin.

Schmidt believes that Burham would serve both sentences consecutively. 

“We are standing by that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna have a day in court,” explained DA Jason Schmidt.  “It doesn’t mean that the family of Kayla Hodkin is not going to see justice served here. All of us are very focused on that, we will be asserting charges very shortly. It’s hard to anticipate, we’ve got testing that’s out right now that New York State Police is helping us with we’re waiting for those results and I anticipate at some point in the near future maybe within two or three months we’re going to then to go into a grand jury related to what happened to pour Kala Hodkin.”

Burham was also wanted on rape charges against Kayla Hodkin, which now those have been dropped due to the homicide.

At this time, Burham is being sent to Pennsylvania to face the kidnapping charges. The Warren County District Attorney, Rob Greene, has no comment at this time

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