Father’s Day Spending

A retail industry group says father’s day spending could break records this year. And if you’re still shopping around for a gift, we have some valuable tips to help you celebrate without breaking the bank.

In today’s consumer watch Jenn Sullivan has three tips to help you save on this special occasion.

Showering dad with love this father’s day?

You’re not alone.

Spending is expected to reach nearly 23 billion this year.

The national retail federation says that would be all time high.

It’s predicting consumers will spend a record $196.23 on average.

But celebrating father’s day doesn’t have to be expensive.

“There is no better time to spend your money wisely than on the men in your life that you love,” explained Jessica Allen, community director, living well spending less.

Jessica Allen from the website “living well spending less” has some tips to help you save money while still expressing your love and appreciation for dad.

Number one, be intentional!

As you might expect, some of the most popular gifts this year are clothing, gift cards and personal care items.

But Allen says consider crafting a heartfelt personalized gift instead.

It may be cheaper and it’s certainly more thoughtful than a store-bought item.

“Get really specific,” explained Allen. “Do you have a movie buff? Can you plan early to go see a summer blockbuster.”

Number two, ditch the restaurant and host a grilling session.

Buy a cut of meat or a veggie he loves, have it ready for a weekend celebration and a playlist of all of dad’s favorite songs.

“And just ask him, would you like to grill for us or would you like us to grill for you,” asked Allen, “You, you’re gonna save so much money when you plan and have that beautiful meal at home.”

Number three, plan a memorable experience.

Take dad on a hike, picnic, fishing trip, or any activity that he enjoys.

“For these men love is spelled t i m e and so how can you carve out some time in your weekend to spend some quality time with the fathers in your life,” explained Allen.


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