Jamestown Airport Lays Out Masterplan

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The Jamestown Airport’s masterplan has been completed as of this month, comprising multiple projects, this plan will be the guide for the airport’s next two decades.

There are numerous areas for growth, and those involved are looking forward to the future of the airport.

“This is the final public meeting that we’re hosting to show the community what we’ve come up with in this masterplan process. A masterplan process is led by the F.A.A, it is a project that dictates the next 20 years,” said CNS Engineer Joni Steigerwald.

The plan recognizes the areas that need some improvement.

“So one thing that this airport, that we’ve come through in this process is some areas of development that we have found that will in turn help the airport grow,” said Steigerwald.

Over the next 20 years, there are several projects the engineering team is looking forward to implementing.

“We will see some growth over the next 20 years we’re forecasting, so there are unique areas for potential aircraft to be based here, more taxi lanes, more apron space, another fuel farm, we’ve even looked at another turf runway and have that listed on our airport plan,” Steigerwald said.

To accomplish everything the plan lays out, the F.A.A will have to approve each project.

“Everything on that airport layout plan that we devise at the end of this process is what kind of guides the airport, and for the F.A.A to kind of go through that process of funding these projects, you’ll need justification to make sure that it is a justified project, but it has to be on that A.L.P to help the process along,” Steigerwald said.

These improvements are projected to happen over the course of the next 20 years, and staff and engineers alike are very excited about the projects ahead.


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