Massive Turnout of Law Enforcement Surrounds Family for Funeral of Slain Trooper

ERIE, PA (ENN) – Erie’s Bayfront Convention Center became the scene for a moving funeral service for Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Jacques Rougeau Jr. on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania Governor, Sergeants from the troops where he served and the trooper’s widow all addressed the massive crowd of friends, family and law enforcement officers from across the state and nation.

Pastor Brian Eiss of St. Paul’s church in Corry, who married Trooper Rougeau and his wife Chloe led the service said it was not about finding answers it was about love, finding a sliver of thanks for knowing Jay Rougeau and that those who loved him will see him again in the kingdom to come.

Even from outside the convention center you could see the scale and scope of a funeral befitting a hero, the PA State Police horse guard back at attention, and so many law enforcement cars in the lot that family and friends had to be bused in from overflow lots.

Inside the state police pipe and drum corps played as the flag draped casket of Trooper Rougeau was carried into place.


His photo and a state police troop car sat alongside the casket as a reminder of the sacrifice he made that day when he willingly headed into danger to help those in his troop chase down an armed and dangerous gunman — something both Governor Shapiro and the trooper’s widow talked about.

“Jay activated himself, he raced to the station, he put on his gear and he got into a patrol car to protect his community, Governor Shapiro said. “Jay’s life was stolen from us, because he drove toward danger to protect the rest of us. We should celebrate his heroism and we must never forget it,” the governor added.

Chloe Rougeau said, “I’m angry, and I’m broken that I have to stand in front of you and say these things today, but he deserves more honor and love than we can ever hope to give him. I love you Jay, thank you for being my everything. I knew that you would change the world Jay Rougeau, I just never imagined that it would be like this.”

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