Local Restaurant Accused Of Unsanitary Practices

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LAKEWOOD, NY (WNY News Now) – A Chinese Buffet establishment in Lakewood has been accused of unsanitary practices last week after a family’s dinner outing turned to something out of a ‘horror movie’. 

The McKillip family were enjoying a dinner out at the Sakura Buffet last Friday when their son noticed some suspicious activity by their waitress.

“The server came over and asked if we would like refills on our drinks, so me and my son next thing you know he proceeded to watch her the whole time pick his cup up and take it into that side room where they fill them, and he happened to watch her take his glass and put his straw in her mouth,” said the father, Tim Olson.

The family decided they had to speak up about what happened, but according to Olson, no one could help. 

“After that, we went ahead and talked it over amongst each other and decided that we need to go say something, but at that time there were no managers there, nothing at all. There was a younger kid at the front desk and I spoke with him and he told us to speak with the host and she wasn’t sure what to do,” explained Olson.

After getting no help from management, Olson confronted the server directly.

“At that point we were just done eating there, we weren’t going to eat another bite. The server noticed we were on our way out and she rushed to grab our check and she brought it over to our table and that’s when I confronted her about the situation,” said Olson. “She looked at me that first time, just kind of looked at me with no reaction and the second time I asked again ‘did you put my son’s straw in your mouth’ and that second time she proceeded to just giggle and laugh about it.”

According to the family, contacting the health department was top priority on Friday after attempts to contact management proved unsuccessful. WNY News Now also reached out to the Sakura Buffet for comment, but were told “no one is here right now” and staff was unable to provide a secondary phone number stating “no”. 


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