Police Confident With Burham Manhunt 

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WARREN PA, (WNY News Now) – The search continues for Micheal Burham after he escaped from a Warren County Jail Thursday night.

As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, police believe that Burham is still in the Warren area and that he may be getting help, they went into no further details.

They also said tips are coming in from multiple states, but did not say which ones.

Police have received a numerous amount of tips, however none have panned out so far, though they are using multiple resources and technologies to apprehend him. Authorities would also like to say that other crime is also occurring. 

Investigators feel confident that they are on the right track and will eventually catch him. They say that the manhunt is putting heavy pressure on Burham and he will eventually make a mistake, and when he does police will seize that moment.

The reward offered by Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers has increased by $10,000 dollars, now totaling $19,500 for information leading to Burham’s arrest.


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