Tuesday Is National Mojito Day

Paul Joseph / CC BY 2.0

If you are looking for a way to beat the heat, Tuesday, July 11th is National Mojito day.

A time to celebrate and appreciate the delicious, ice cold minty drink.

The Mojito hails from Cuba, it’s basically the Cuban version of a Highball.

It’s made with white rum, sparkling water, sugar or simple syrup, lime juice, and mint.

No one is exactly sure who made the first Mojito, it can trace its roots back to the 16th century.

Some say it was a favorite drink of pirates, others believe it was created by enslaved Africans who harvested sugar cane on the Caribbean island.

But what is certain is the sweet sugar, the tart citrus, and the mint create a refreshing combination that’s perfect for the heat of summer.

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