Warren Jail Security 

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WARREN, PA (WNY News Now) – Following the escape of a Warren County Jail inmate, police have reviewed data and are taking steps in addressing jail security, policies, and procedures. 

After the escape, the Prison Board and Commissioners met to review all available information. 

Since then orders have been made to repair the prison’s 40’ by 40’ roof surrounded by a cage. In addition the exercise equipment will be removed and replaced with fixtures that does not provide access to higher positions in the facility.

Those fixes are expected to be completed by the end of the week. With several long term upgrades to be completed within the next few weeks.

Currently the prison is reviewing all procedures related to inmate access and observation, with changes expected. 

Police urge the importance of the law stating that prisoners must have access to yard time and outside exercise. Saying: “With a facility as small as ours that is close to full, inmates must be taken to the yard in shifts. That happens all day and evening to ensure all inmates have appropriate yard time.”

The Commissioners and Prison Board also commend the jail staff who did all they could after the escape was made.

Multiple Law enforcement agencies are conducting investigations related to the escape, which the Prison Board says has slowed their ability to address the concerns.


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