It’s National French Fry Day

Image by Mrsiraphol / Freepik.

It’s time to celebrate a favorite finger food that’s hard to say no to.

Thursday is National French Fry Day!

Did you know fries actually aren’t French at all!

Belgians claim they were the first to fry potatoes, way back in the 17-hundreds.

But, the French popularized fried foods in the mid 17-hundreds.

And there are two versions of how fries came to America.

One, is that Thomas Jefferson first served ‘potatoes in the French manner’ at the White House in 18-02.

The second theory is that World War One soldiers stationed in Belgium brought the idea back with them.

Today, Americans eat about 30 pounds of french fries per person each year! wow!

So, whether shoestring, waffle, wedge, curly or crinkle cut, be sure to enjoy some fries today!

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