Supplies Found, May Belong To Burham

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WARREN, PA (WNY News Now) – A photo has been shared of miscellaneous supplies and contained food believed to belong to escaped felon Michael Burham, wrapped in tarp and hidden under a log. 

Officials ask anyone planning on camping or hiking in the Warren area to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, and report any findings to the authorities.

Investigators believe that Burham remains in the Warren area. Despite numerous leads coming in from outside the area, none have been confirmed. The majority of resources are being focused in the surrounding areas.

The combined reward for information relating to the apprehension of Burham is now set at $22,000.

Police believe it is likely that Burham has received help in the initial escape and evading arrest thereafter, and remind the public that anyone found assisting the felon will be prosecuted.

Police received a tip yesterday stating that a victim was kidnapped near Oakland cemetery in Warren County. Fortunately the alleged victim was found safe.

Due to the active, ongoing, and ever-changing investigation, police refrain from going into specifics, and in the event Burham has access to the internet, authorities are trying to limit the amount of information they reveal.

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