Community Donating Goods For Burham Manhunt

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YOUNGSVILLE, PA (WNY News Now) – Over a week has passed since Michael Burham escaped from a Warren County Jail. With the manhunt moving west, the community is doing everything they can to help officers looking for the fugitive. 

Police have moved the manhunt for Burham west. While police cannot confirm to us that Burham is in that area, the heavy law enforcement presence shows that the investigation has led them to Youngsville.

Since moving to the rural Pennsylvania area, many donations have been given to law enforcement.

We spoke to Trooper Cindy Schick who told us that multiple local businesses and community members have donated drinks and snacks for the manhunt.

The community service officer tells us that the donations came from community members who just want to help.

“The community here in Youngsville, and the surrounding outskirts have been very good to us,“ explained Trooper Schick. “Not just the community members but also the businesses. They’re providing us with drinks and also food. Everyday they’re just bringing in bottles of water, snacks for the guys and girls to grab before they go out for searches. So everyday they are bringing in a variety of things for us between bottled water, Gatorade, snacks for the guys and girls to take out while searching. And also they are providing meals for our law enforcement as well. Pizza Hut’s donated, Dairy Queen’s donated just no name a couple of the businesses.”    

At this time, police say they have received a plethora of supplies from the public and they are no longer taking donations.

Trooper Schick would also like to remind individuals to stay vigilant, and if you see anything don’t be afraid to call any tip line.


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