Jamestown Splash Pads Delay Sparks Backorder Issues

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Halfway through the summer season and four months since their approval we are left wondering where Jamestown’s Splash Pads are. 

We asked Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist Monday night what the latest updates are for the splash pads, he told us that parts are on backorder, however one location plans to be open by the end of summer.

“The Allen Park splash pad, we’re hoping to get done by the end of the season,“ stated Mayor Sundquist. “Despite the delay, we anticipate being done by the end of the season. And the Jackson-Taylor one, about a week ago they had the soil samples completed. So we’re just waiting on the analysis and report, which was requested by city council before we move forward on any project with that splash pad.”     

Once the city receives the appropriate parts, construction will not take long.

“The actual development of the splash pads, we anticipate will actually be very quick,“ explained Mayor Sundquist. “Because we’re doing almost all of it in house, with in house labor, so it’s really just grading and then putting in mechanicals, and then the company that does the actual splash pads comes in for the final plumbing and components.”

 This trend of parts being on backorder has increased with multiple city projects this past year.

“We just had a meeting with the DOT about the street signs or the traffic signs, and about how some of those components are on backorder as well,“ stated Mayor Sundquist. “So that’s why you don’t see them connected up yet, so we’re working through some of those things. We’re starting to see more of those supply chain issues coming back up, especially when it comes to for example the fleet maintenance building, we’ve held off opening that because of some electrical compliments still on backorder.” 

Other purchases, like vehicles, are still years away from coming to the City of Jamestown due to the scarcity of certain parts.


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